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Regulus Black

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[16 May 2004|06:59pm]
Things are suspiciously quiet around here.

Did the two harpies get arrested and some forget to tell me? Because that day should be made into a holiday.

Except for the fact that it's royally boring around here now.

And I haven't seen Darius for...er...around ever now.
Avenge Me

[30 Jan 2004|08:30pm]
One minute I'm sleeping peacefully, the next thing I know I'm tied up to the shower head with freezing water on me and a huge snake underneath me.

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[30 Jan 2004|11:51am]
Well I had one hell of a hangover yesterday, lovely. Won't hear the end of it from Bella for weeks. Was awoken by Amara poking my nose, and muttering something about it 'being alive'. No way.

I rolled over and was surprised to find that there was someone next to me. Who was also alive. And naked.

I couldn't remember what had happened the night before besides the fact that I had gotten drunk and this guy was Darius. He swatted at Amara, who ran off shrieking for Bella. Something about being bitten.

So I thought 'Ah, what the hell?' and went back to sleep. As long as Amara and Bella aren't around, who really gives a damn?
Avenge Me

[28 Jan 2004|09:09pm]
You know death really wasn't all that bad. Escaped from the horror of a thing someone jokingly decided to call my mother, who was always screaming about me for not being as good as Sirius. Despite the fact that I'm the loyal son of the family. I took the mark, learned the spells, made the sacrifices, and then died.

Yeah, sweet life, thanks mom. Hag.

So you know, the last thing I really wanted to wake up to was a familiar cackling. Of Bellatrix Lestrange and Amara Jugson. Those two define and rewrite the definiton of 'insane'. And I was fucking alive again, just like that. Never mind the fact it was like what, twenty, thirty years? And I still look like I'm an effing teenager.

You know, dying was a nice way to escape my duties, being reawakened is not cool. I'm stuck with Amara and Bella until the Dark Lord's plans are carried out.

But at least this time, it looks like I'm going to have a little fun. And my perfect brother is out of the way.
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[28 Jan 2004|04:25pm]
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